Er is altijd wel iemand beledigd

Helaas wordt de vrijheid van denken nogal eens verward met de vrijheid tot beledigen. Unfortunately, freedom of thought often gets confused with freedom of insult.  


Driewerf hoera voor Tap That

Serious gaming en Seksuele Gezondheid hebben een moeizame relatie. Want de veel gedane aanname: "seks is leuk en dus is een spelletje over seks ook leuk." leidt tot luiheid. en dus tot slechte games. Net zoals "Seksuele gezondheid is een heel moeilijk onderwerp en al die nuances en stapels informatie moeten terugkomen in een spelletje" … Meer lezen over Driewerf hoera voor Tap That

Why Google feels it should never ‘forget’. And why they’re wrong.

The European court has decided that people have a right to be forgotten, or have certain things forgotten about. This ruling means that Google is no longer allowed to ‘remember’ certain things for us, forever and for everyone. This morning I read an open letter by David Drummond, Chief Legal Officer at Google. Google, he … Meer lezen over Why Google feels it should never ‘forget’. And why they’re wrong.

Farmers from the Pirate Bay.

As the proud father of two sons I have had to educate myself in an area where I never thought I would have any expertise whatsoever. Tractors. They love them. The two things that make them happiest of all are tractors and playing games on my tablet or laptop. So naturally, when I saw that the … Meer lezen over Farmers from the Pirate Bay.

The digital future

Mat Honan's piece 'Kill the password' in the latest edition of Wired almost brought me to tears. Mat's online profile was hacked, probably for his Twitter account, @mat, and the hackers decided to just erase all his documents he had files in the cloud. Which meant everything digital he had, including all the pictures of … Meer lezen over The digital future