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The problem for the hopelessly romantic melancholic

Everyone has problems. So do the hopelessly romantic melancholic people. Especially in communicating with ordinary folk. Like in the example below where two friends sit in a diner having a coffee, waiting for their breakfast. Said: "How I'm doing? I don't know.... [pause] I guess today I sort of feel like I'm in this Norwegian … Meer lezen over The problem for the hopelessly romantic melancholic

Tiger & Twins

Hop and skip,to near perfection, As around you, they tumble and fall, Cool, crisp autumn leaves, inviting laughter that promises spring, Ignorance as wisdom, Knowledge we have forgotten, Dig up dirt, Scream down slides, Run untill you're flat on your face, Or watching the clouds, bare feet on damp grass. If I were to shed … Meer lezen over Tiger & Twins


Are babyboomers evil? How many dogs may be killed for one human life? Is feeding your snake live kittens something a babyboomer would do? Anyone hurts my kids, they're dead. How many of your friends are bankers? I'm doing fine, but we're in a heap of trouble. Do you still trust Barack Obama? Is an … Meer lezen over Evil

This is ground control

Then we were in your bedroom, All that art-school charm, and Best of Bowie on shuffle play, Bunk bed birthday bash, Only years later you tell me, I could've if I'd wanted to, A fatty person, Trying not to behave like one, is blind for trying to salvage a decent personality, Belinda Carlisle, Level 42, … Meer lezen over This is ground control

We value your opinion

You are important to us, would you please fill out these forms, tick the boxes, (when appropriate) we need that information to better serve you, most people have nothing to hide anyway, we're sure you don't either, you can trust us, be sure not to leave out your financial history.

Show leadership

Think challenge, not problem, speak up, sit straight, Be assertive -yet not unlikeable,- Just do it, yes you can, (Position yourself as a can-do person, someone who is 'out there') Show us the money, make it happen, Stand tall, be proud, head/shoulders Give your best, go that extra mile, the whole shebang! We need answers, … Meer lezen over Show leadership