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Kans op Pi-day

Pi-dag klinkt voor geen barst. Pi-day dus. Omdat Engels in onse academische wereld ook zo'n beetje de norm is. De kans op Pi-day was dit jaar nog kleiner dan vorig jaar. Maar toch is het weer gelukt. Happy Pi-day! The odds for Pi-day are even slimmer this year than they were last year. But also … Meer lezen over Kans op Pi-day

Why Big Brother wants your mug shot

Last week I went to a photographer to get pictures taken from my kids, one and three years old. Not funfunfun pretty pictures, but official depressing, bad lighting passport pictures. We're planning a trip abroad and with all these baby terrorists and kidnappings, obviously they need their own passports. And passport pictures. Let me hear … Meer lezen over Why Big Brother wants your mug shot

Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

At a Florida rally, Michelle Bachmann (who is in the race to become the presidential candidate for the republicans) said that the hurricane Irene was a reminder of God. God wished to remind the American people about their national debt. Later, when she had sobered up probably, she announced that her comment was meant to … Meer lezen over Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

Autocorrect is a totalitarian mustard

My mobile phones and I have been having authority issues ever since those things came with locked with pin combinations. I have always known my pin combination. I mean, I made up my pin combination just for that purpose: so I would be able to remember and input it correctly. So, what should happen after … Meer lezen over Autocorrect is a totalitarian mustard

Welcome international visitors

Welome international visitors. English translation below. Thank you. [telefoon gaat] A: Ja, hallo...? B: Hee, hallo hoe gaat het!? A: Tsja.... ehmm.... eerlijk gezegd... B: ...?..... A: Niet zo goed eigenlijk... B: Nee? A: Nee. B: O... hoezo? A: Nou, ik krijg deze hele week al elk half uur een klap tegen m'n kop... B: … Meer lezen over Welcome international visitors