Man, being sick has changed. It seems like only a couple of years ago when being having the flu meant that you were on the sofa under an uncomfortable blanket. Constantly switching between watching dvd’s, reading books, doodling in a sketchbook, textmessaging people for sympathy and checking the tv for news on ‘the world out there’. Wait, that actually was just a couple of years ago. In fact, I did that in 2012.


While coming down with a fever is a bit of a nuisance (throat/headaches, muscle aches, soar skin and tiredness et cetera) my dear friend ‘Surface Pro’ helps a lot. I can lie comfortably in bed switching between bothering my online friends with my poor condition, watching tv and films, listening to some music, doodling and blogging, checking the news and playing a free version of HALO for chrissake.


So what else is there to say but, thank you good people of Microsoft. You have made being miserable a lot more tolerable.


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