Minor book-depression

I was just in a bookstore. I saw a copy of Evgeny Morozov’s book ‘The Net Delussion‘ on offer which lured me in. As I picked it up, it happened. My eye fell on Jonah Lehrer’s latest book ‘Imagine. How creativity works’. Two books I wanted to read. I left the bookstore without buying either.

ImageWas it it that I could not decide which one to buy? Could I not easily have purchased both? I guess I could have, but as I looked at both books I suddenly realised that I already have about eight to ten books at home I have once bought but haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Thinking about all those books I also realised that that are at least that many films I’ve been wanting to see for several years but haven’t yet.

And what about the books I did read? I read a book on Joseph Beuys. And what stuck in my mind from that? The guy worked with felt and lard and his works were generally about a war-trauma which he apparently made up. Hurrah for that. And one of the films I saw most recently was Vincent Gallo’s ” The Brown Bunny‘ which means another 90 minutes of my life wasted.

These thoughts mildly depressed me. And I am firm believer of the theory that a depression is a bad state of mind to be making purchasing decissions in.


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