Mrs. Merkel’s privacy

Apparently, after Edward Snowden's information showed that the NSA might have tapped Angela Merkel's private phone (as revealed by the German magazine Der Spiegel) she immediately placed a call to Obama, demanding an explanation. This has not been officially confirmed (yet) ofcourse, but it sounds plausible enough. Especially since the American ambassador has been summoned … Meer lezen over Mrs. Merkel’s privacy


Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

At a Florida rally, Michelle Bachmann (who is in the race to become the presidential candidate for the republicans) said that the hurricane Irene was a reminder of God. God wished to remind the American people about their national debt. Later, when she had sobered up probably, she announced that her comment was meant to … Meer lezen over Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

Dear professor Dawkins

Amsterdam Dear prof. Dawkins, Like so many, I have really enjoyed reading your book 'The God Delusion'. The way you have argued that it is both highly unlikely as highly undesirable that a personal God exists, is very convincing. Not surprisingly, the main ammunition you use to shoot holes in religion comes from the theory … Meer lezen over Dear professor Dawkins