Love the paint, part 2

In my previous post, I wrote about the wonderful works of Dutch painter Aaron van Erp. In this one I want to bring your attention to another star on the rise of the Dutch artscene; Marjolijn de Wit. Even though van Erp and de Wit may not appear to have much in common on first … Meer lezen over Love the paint, part 2

Love the paint

Once in every while you see a painting and you know in an instant; the artist just loves paint. Give 'em half a chance and they would have paint for breakfast. In this particular case I saw paintings by a young Dutch painter (undoubtedly heading for greatness...), Aaron van Erp (1978). He stands out, not … Meer lezen over Love the paint

Would someone please help Kendrick?

One thing I'll always remember from artschool is the morning when I walked in and the painting I was working on (A Baconesque image of an industrial chicken 'production-line') was suddenly gone. It was on the wall when I went home on friday, what happened? I asked the teacher where it was and she told … Meer lezen over Would someone please help Kendrick?

The grafitti kids are cool

If it ever was: grafitti artists are the salt of the earth no more. These mainly self-taught artists bring a whole new energy, vibe and social relevance into white cubes all over our planet. A new name (at least: new for me, a little research shows he's already quite a household name in the artworld.) … Meer lezen over The grafitti kids are cool

Announcement: Sylvia Ortiz Domney

Coming up on; an online exposition by New Mexican artist Sylvia Ortiz Domney. For those of you who can’t wait any longer, following is an outtake from the interview I had Sylvia. CB: what are the main influences in your work? "The major influence on my art style is Folk Art and Ancient Sculpture … Meer lezen over Announcement: Sylvia Ortiz Domney