One thumb blogging

My most active blogging period must have been around when my first son was about three months old. This was also a time when I had a booming agricultural e-business on Farmville. How come? Well, babies tend to sleep large portions of the day. Not long enough for serious painting or writing but perfect for … Meer lezen over One thumb blogging


Kroes vs. Jobs. Apple be warned…

Apple is the biggest tech firm in the world. Thanks to the 'iPod, iPhone, iPad' success, the share prices have gone up so much that Steve Jobs and co. have overtaken Microsoft. Not that they are anywhere near as profitable yet, but apparently the expectation is that they will be so in the foreseeable future … Meer lezen over Kroes vs. Jobs. Apple be warned…

A soon-to-be fatal crash. It must be karma.

It must be karma. I've noticed the main reason that Macs don't get slower over time because they tend to have fatal system crashes after about two or three years. I have been known to make light comedy (nothing too serious) about that. So now my own system is breaking down after a no-doubt-soon-to-be-fatal crash. On … Meer lezen over A soon-to-be fatal crash. It must be karma.