Nostalgia: Coke from a plastic cup

I think it is important for a father to be a good example for my sons. So I try to be the best version of myself as I can, or at least: I try to appear so while i can still get away with it. Today at lunch I had a very strong craving for … Meer lezen over Nostalgia: Coke from a plastic cup


One thumb blogging

My most active blogging period must have been around when my first son was about three months old. This was also a time when I had a booming agricultural e-business on Farmville. How come? Well, babies tend to sleep large portions of the day. Not long enough for serious painting or writing but perfect for … Meer lezen over One thumb blogging

Children are terrifying

Maybe men who don't want children have a point. Men deal poorly with fear. Fear is suppressed, denied, fought. Fear is a sign of weakness. The scared man is the lesser man. And as I can say out of my own experience, there is absolutely nothing that fills your heart with so much fear as … Meer lezen over Children are terrifying