Why did we create god?

About a year and a half ago I wrote about how an experiment by B.F. Skinner may explain the roots of religion. Now I would like be a little more specific. Why did man create god? Religion without a god l would have been possible as well, but for some reason there was a need … Meer lezen over Why did we create god?


What death is like…

Death is easily defined, by defining what it is not, life. And life is only that which we can remember. (Living memory) So, life is like october 21st, 1984. At least, for most of us it is. You were probably around, -We have done our market research- Yet you will not remember anything about that … Meer lezen over What death is like…

Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

At a Florida rally, Michelle Bachmann (who is in the race to become the presidential candidate for the republicans) said that the hurricane Irene was a reminder of God. God wished to remind the American people about their national debt. Later, when she had sobered up probably, she announced that her comment was meant to … Meer lezen over Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

Dear professor Dawkins

Amsterdam Dear prof. Dawkins, Like so many, I have really enjoyed reading your book 'The God Delusion'. The way you have argued that it is both highly unlikely as highly undesirable that a personal God exists, is very convincing. Not surprisingly, the main ammunition you use to shoot holes in religion comes from the theory … Meer lezen over Dear professor Dawkins

Church earns streetcred

With the number of child abuse stories that find their way to the press increasing every day, the Catholic church has been getting some pretty bad press lately. I guess we can all agree that it's not the exclusive domain of catholic caretakers to abuse young children placed in their care, but the way the … Meer lezen over Church earns streetcred

Why I did not quit Farmville and Mafia Wars

Don't get me wrong here, I quit. Oh yes. Farmville and Mafia Wars both received the proverbial 'boot' and their maker Zynga is a big goner from my beloved Facebook profile. The whole process was over quicker than you can spell Idaho backwards (did you try?). Well, now we've got that out-of-the-way... What still remains … Meer lezen over Why I did not quit Farmville and Mafia Wars

Heidi Klum chatting up Barrack Obama

I guess I'll just come out and admit it... I am partly responsible for the ungodly and shameless promotion of condoms among European teens.  My apologies to all you christian folk out there. Promoting abstinence just doesn't work. There is simply too much scientific evidence out there that it doesn't. (on the other hand, being … Meer lezen over Heidi Klum chatting up Barrack Obama