About CultBlender Inc.

Originele Cultblender Inc introductie tekst. Alleen in het Engels.

The internet offers great opportunites for artists around the world to co-operate in creative projects. Possibilites that go way beyond communication and showing images of creative work in pixelated form. Change can be good and all these new media provide seemingly endless and unlimited possibilities. And as with all good revolutions, artists can lead the way. CultBlender has been a very small part of that revolution.

The CultBlender artist initiative was started by JMDKM and Erwin Fisser. Currently the project is dormant. Should this change, this will be the first place you will read about it.

Need a hand?
In the meantime, we remain interested in meeting with new creative minds and reading about your creative ideas, who knows what will grow from it. If you feel you have something to share or could use the help of CultBlender or our participants, drop us a line.

The future
Sept. 2010 – Since we’ve last given you an update about the project we’ve slightly renamed it. CultBlender is working on a comeback under the name (drumroll please):

CultBlender Inc.

We will most likely keep you posted on what this comeback will be. And these updates will probably be on this blog, which remains the place to be foor all things CultBlender (Inc or otherwise.).


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