Over Erwin Fisser

Deze blog wordt geschreven door Erwin Fisser. het was de officiële blog van het Cultblender Inc kunstproject. Ik heb het daarna maar gewoon gehouden.

Meer informatie over Erwin vind je elders.

About Erwin Fisser (English)

This blog is written by Erwin Fisser (Fisserman). It was the first blog to appear on the website of the international artist-initiative CultBlender.

Fisserman art
Erwin FisserAs an artist, Erwin writes and works with paint, ink, pencil, all sorts of cameras and computers to make his audience aware of the constant buzz contemporary society emits.

Fisserman communicates
As a communications professional Erwin works in the field of e-Health and prevention campaigns. As a former marketing- and communications consultant Erwin has written several books and publications on internal marketing.

More Fisserman
More information about Erwin and his works can be found on his personal website, a resume can be found on Linkedin, or consult your local search engine for all sorts of digital breadcrumbs.

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