The problem for the hopelessly romantic melancholic

bosbaanEveryone has problems. So do the hopelessly romantic melancholic people. Especially in communicating with ordinary folk. Like in the example below where two friends sit in a diner having a coffee, waiting for their breakfast.

Said: “How I’m doing? I don’t know…. [pause] I guess today I sort of feel like I’m in this Norwegian art house film. Where a middle-aged divorced woman from Bergen receives a letter from a long-lost brother somewhere way up North. And then she and her two teenage kids take a train to go meet him. You get panned camera shots of all these railway stations and mountains glide past in the window. Everything is really slow, gray and desolate. And the nature is really rugged except for a shot of a reindeer mom and a youngling which sets of a really heartwarming scene between the mother and the kids. You know? The soundtrack is beautiful but a bit sad and you sort of just wish you were in that film, not as an actor, but for real you know. Cause everything about those people just seems to matter even though it doesn’t. It’s a bit like that.”

Heard: “So you wanna be woman huh?”


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