Mrs. Merkel’s privacy

Apparently, after Edward Snowden’s information showed that the NSA might have tapped Angela Merkel’s private phone (as revealed by the German magazine Der Spiegel) she immediately placed a call to Obama, demanding an explanation.
This has not been officially confirmed (yet) ofcourse, but it sounds plausible enough. Especially since the American ambassador has been summoned to the German parliament for an explanation.

Go Brussels

It’s quite understandable that the German prime minister would be outraged at such a breach of her privacy. And of course her first response was an emotional one. However, at the same time: her privacy is not worth more than mine, or that of any German citizen. And since we do not have Barrack’s telephone number, where was her call when our privacy was violated by our American friends? Or why didn’t she place a call to Brussels to place a call to the White House on behalf of all European citizens?

Yeah, if I’d had Obama’s direct line, I guess I’d call directly too.



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  1. The Soviet Union(Russia) used to be the enemy of most of the world, now Obama and his mentor, George Soros has made America no.1 hated country. Jihadists, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid are helping them.

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