My sons are the most fantastic the people who ever lived. Both of them. However, the two of them sometimes seem to team up on their dad to make him give up as much sleep as possible. Their mother and I have an agreement. Anything that happens during the night which does not require breastfeeding: I get out of bed first.

Very common pattern

23:00 I go to bed
Midnight Lens wakes up
00:20 Lens is sound asleep, I go back to bed
00:35 I fall asleep
00:45 Bent wakes up
00:50 Bent is sound asleep, I go back to bed
01:00 I fall asleep
01:15 Lens wakes up, is hungry
01:20 I hand Lens over to his mom, I go back to sleep
01:40 I fall asleep
01:45 Lens decides he thinks it’s daytime and won’t go back to sleep, his mom wakes me up.
02:15 Convinced Lens it’s the middle of the night, he goes back to sleep
02:20 I go back to bed
02:30 I think I hear Lens
02:35 I think I hear Bent
02:40 I think I hear Lens
02:45 Drink of water for Bent
02:50 I go back to bed
03:00 Still awake
03:15 Still awake
03:20 Start thinking about work
03:30 Start thinking about life’s great mysteries
03:35 I give up, get out of bed, go downstairs and start making notes
04:30 Fall asleep at the dinner table behind scribbled notes
04:45 Lens wakes up
05:00 I go back to bed
05:15 I fall asleep
06:00 alarm goes off, I do not have a clue where or who I am at this point.
07:00 Off to work in zombie mode

Bruce Mau
I consider myself to be a ‘creative professional’ and as such, I am a big fan of Bruce Mau and his Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. Especially ‘rule’ 18:

Stay up late.  Strange things happen when you’ve gone too far, been up too long, worked too hard, and you’re separated from the rest of the world.

I have often found that rule to be very true. The best ideas I have had in my life have always come at times when I did not expect them or were even looking for ideas. And many times, these moments were when I was deprived of sleep.

The last time my sons teamed up on me I came up with the definitive answer to why the Many-worlds interpretation, a quantum mechanics interpretation which would make stuff like ‘time travel’ theoretically possible , is highly improbable. One thought led to another and as I kept on writing a quite impressive essay on probability, time and infinity emerged. With a little work this could easily lead to some sort of book on popular science. Just add some serious research and twist and bend some scientific findings on the subjects and you’re there. So when I finally fell asleep for my one hour nap of that night, I was a happy person.

Only problem: When I opened my notebook on the train two hours later, I found out that I could even read my handwriting of that night myself. I’m sure I had some wonderful insights and brilliant thoughts, I just can’t remember what they were now. Oh well, maybe in a different universe in an alternative space-time continuum…


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