Nostalgia: Coke from a plastic cup

I think it is important for a father to be a good example for my sons. So I try to be the best version of myself as I can, or at least: I try to appear so while i can still get away with it. Today at lunch I had a very strong craving for a Coke. Obviously, we are no supporters of drinking soda during lunch. And especially caffeine-laden soda like Cola. But I figured I could get away with it if I poured the stuff into a plastic cup we usually fill with milk (Oh, like you are the perfect parent).

The plastic cupGrandma’s birthdays
It is a well known fact that if you really want to enjoy your soda, you don’t drink it from the bottle, but from a glass. You just get more flavour that way. However, if your drink your soda from a plastic cup instead of glass, not only do you get the same amount of flavour, you get an extra bonus: nostalgia. I had immediate flashbacks of when I was about seven orr eight years old. The age where you drunk from a plastic cup or went thirsty. Hot days at the athletics field buying a lemonade in between the long jump and 50 meters sprint; served in a plastic cup. Or at your grandmothers birthday party with all your aunts. uncles and cousins there, I could practically smell all the Indonesian food my godmother and grondmother had been making over the days before the celebration. Or listening to the Tour de France live on radio from our campsite. My dad having a coke from a glass and me having a soft drink from, indead, a plastic cup.

The lesson
So what did I learn? Well, sometimes life gives you small presents. Like a beautiful unexpected flashback. And other than that I learned that I may think I can get away with stuff because my kids won’t notice. But I can’t, because they do. And they let you know it. “What are you drinking dad?” “Ehm… nostalgia son.” I’m just hoping they won’t tell their mom.


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