Let me have my cookies


Our privacy is important. And we should have more control over what information is stored about us when we surf the web (or ride the app). But I’m way more concerned about scary proposed legislation like ACTA or the postponed (but not quite killed) SOPA, than I ever was about cookies being stored on my computer. (we are all aware of the fact that we can remove them, right?)

Cookie law
There is new legislation in effect in Europe. It basically says that every website needs to ask its visitors permission for every single time a cookie is placed on his/ her computer. You may now kiss your web browsing experience goodbye. If you have ever set your browser settings to not automatically accept cookies ever, you will know what I mean.
Let me play the role of paranoid conspiracy theorist here and say that while European governments are keeping their wired citizens busy (and annoyed) with this cookie law, in the meant time they are passing all sorts of legislation to make other Big Brother activities possible. However, I don’t think it works that way. There are many politicians out there trying to do there best. I am just afraid they are focussing on the wrong thing here.

Dear politicians: stop storing e-mail traffic, stop telling my provider to store my internet history for months (years even), kill this ACTA thing, make it illegal for companies to store cookie-information and let me have my cookies*. Thanks.

*Oh, and if you could also tell the oil-industry to go sit up a tree and put some effort into sustainable energy, that would be nice.


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