One thumb blogging

My most active blogging period must have been around when my first son was about three months old. This was also a time when I had a booming agricultural e-business on Farmville. How come? Well, babies tend to sleep large portions of the day. Not long enough for serious painting or writing but perfect for blogging and Fotoflexing pictures to go with those posts, if you have a laptop on standby.

Toddler proof laptop
Three months ago, my second son was born. So now we have a baby and a toddler in our
house. We feel blessed. Our laptop however is less happy. It lies unused on a shelve where our oldest son can’t reach. He likes laptops like he likes everything that has a screen and keyboard. It’s the 21st century after all. However, our laptop is not toddler proof. Hence the shelve.

The left thumb

One semi-free hand
So now when both our boys are sleeping I no longer wake a gadget with keyboard from its slumber. I reach for my smart phone. Right now our baby is cozily dozing off in my arms while I’m walking around the living room. That means I only have one semi-free hand. Just enough for a bit of left-thumb-only blogging.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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