She thought to herself while carving a K

It already spelled F-U-C on the park bench,
Sure, geniuses may be totally unhappy, but at least they’re special,
she thought to herself while carving a K.

Thousands of kids her age were starving to death all over the world,
but at least the media care. NGO’s care. Fucking Bill Gates cares.
But her?
Who cared about her?

Like she wasn’t dying? Like she wasn’t starving to death?
But we have mahjong.”
A brief smile.

If you’re not an alcoholic or on drugs, if you’re not a victim of a sex crime or discrimination,
If your parents can still pay their bills, if you’re not sick, cancer-like,
If you’re not a fascist or some other kind of rock star,
If you don’t have suicidal tendencies, or mail nude pics of yourself to strangers,
scary eastern European types especially,
no one cares.

Except maybe Bill Murray and Douglas Coupland” I tried.

But they’re for old people.

K’s finished.
And these are, perhaps, the best years of your life.


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