Bye bye Steve

I am not a Mac user.  I have used PC’s my entire digital life, except for a one year period when my employer at that time provided me with a Macbook. Was it easier to use than my Windows OS machine?
No it was not.
Did I notice any more reliability or speed?
No I did not.
… and neither did you*.

I received an iPod Shuffle once as a subscription gift. A really cool gadget. But ever since I own a smart phone I have never used it anymore. My current smart phone is a HTC Desire HD, that runs on Android. I have seen several iPhone owners drool over it. It has better connection, a better and larger screen… and it communicates perfectly with the Windows machines at work and at home. My elderly colleagues at work all have iPhones. Needless to say; they all have problems with them.

Since I am basically ‘Macless’, I will not buy an iPad.In time I will probably just buy a tablet that runs on a Microsoft or Android OS. They’ll be cheaper. And I won’t notice any difference in speed, reliability or ease -of -use. and neither will you.

My point is; it’s kind of depressing to see how so many Apple fans and even serious tech-writers define Steve Jobs by what he was not; he was the not-Bill Gates. I even saw someone on television seriously voice regret that it was Steve who died instead of Bill. Not only is that sick, it is also an insult to a man who was of such a great influence to modern day technology. Steve Jobs was a great visionary in his own right, regardless of who he was not.

You can read a great tribute to Steve Jobs on

*I’ll admit that some people might notice a difference in performance between the two systems. Of those, some might prefer Apple, others might prefer Windows. Or Linux. Whatever. 99% of all users don’t notice. Statistically: none of you do.


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