Michelle Bachmann for president. Yes, she should.

At a Florida rally, Michelle Bachmann (who is in the race to become the presidential candidate for the republicans) said that the hurricane Irene was a reminder of God. God wished to remind the American people about their national debt.

Later, when she had sobered up probably, she announced that her comment was meant to be taken in jest. It was a joke. Humor. Haha.

As a European I may perhaps not understand the subtleties of American humor, but I fail to see how commenting that God killed 46 people and left thousands without a home, millions without fresh water and electricity to make a point about the greed of bankers and investors is funny.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with a bit of good blasphemy, but abusing the name of comedy like that? Unforgiveable Michelle.

That being said, I hope you get to run for presidency. Politiciand aren’t supposed to be funny. Nor sober.


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