There’s no defending against kidsadvertising

In much the same way as some rapists claim their victims were asking for it by the way they dressed, advertising people who target children claim the advertising directed towards children is not bad for them since they’ll learn at a very early age how to distinguish commercial messages from objective information.
And in much the same way as some parents claim it is the responsibility of the schooling system to teach their children  about how to be a respectful citizen, these same advertising professionals feel it is up to the parents to teach their children about the hidden agenda of advertising.

Advertising snipers
In the meantime, children are easy targets and in our consumerist society, parents are ill-equipped to defend them against the advertising snipers.

Not even real apple juice
How am I so sure of this? Well, as a highly educated, enormously talented and extremely experienced communications expert, there’s not much you can teach me about how advertising works. About the way it seduces and deceives. And yet I bought this today. “Thomas & Friends apple flavoured fruit drink” Not even proper apple juice. IT does have ‘less’ sugar. Less than what remains unclear. but I bought it anyway. because my son is such a big Thomas & friends fan. And I love him. So what’s the harm?

See how us parents are hopeless in defending our children?


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