Everything you always wanted to doubt about social media

(Well, not actually ‘everything’, but quite a lot of things.)
Just because I love you so very, very much dear reader, I have put together some of the best writing you can find online about social media. I have used objective standards to determine the excellence of each and every article. The fact that all eight of them were written by me has absolutely nothing to with any of it.

Keep doubting the hype.

  1. Doubts on replacing real life contacts with virtual ones.
  2. Doubts on location based online networking.
  3. Doubts on dropping your old media for new ones.
  4. Doubts on mixing social and business networks.
  5. Doubts on forwarding your updates through your network.
  6. Doubts on social network gaming.
  7. Doubts on your online friends’ friends.
  8. Doubts on joining every possible niche.

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