Hint to #bannersalespeople

Being both a modern employee and a modern dad, I regularly work from home. When my son is taking his afternoon nap I plug myself into the internet and do whatever it is I do. Those are ultra-productive hours and in these connected and digitized times there’s just about nothing I can’t do from home, that I can’t do from work ( and the coffee is incomparably better). And I say ‘just about’ with good reason. There’s one thing I can;t do from home -and I have absolutely no intention of changing that-  and that’s sending a fax.

The fax machine
I think many of you have assumed for ages that the fax machine has been rendered obsolete a long long time ago. But no, this mixture of a telephone and copier is still around, struggling for life. Hardly anyone uses a fax anymore. However, there is one type of company that requires me to keep my faxing skill up to date… and that’s web-advertising companies.

Welcome 2011
You thought advertising people belonged to the avant-garde of social and/or media developments? That they’re the earliest of early adopters of new technologies? Sorry to disappoint you. The last week I’ve received several order confirmation forms that I need to sign and send, no wait, FAX back. and these are not just the small firms, I’m talking about the likes of Microsoft and WebAds here. These people want me to print out the document they send me (several pages in some cases), sign it and fax all this paperwork back to them. Does anyone else hear trees screaming in terror in the background? Hello #bannersalespeople, are you insane? It’s 2011, we have stuff like secure  e-mail and pdf now.

last week I also received an order confirmation form from a newspaper, requesting me to sign the digital copy and e-mail it back. I say the old media can whoop new media butt for breakfast.


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