Why not just ban fireworks?

I’m not trying to be a spoilsport here, nor am I blogging to make friends. These last couple of days, the same feeling occured to me as it did the last couple of years around the end of december: why don’t we just ban fireworks? It just doesn’t make any sense not to. We’re putting so much hard work and effort into getting rid of every potential risk in our everyday lives (and I am not saying this is a sensible or good thing to do) yet every year we let kids run around with eplosives. And why? Erm… because it’s ‘fun’? So is driving drunk.

Fireworks in Thailand. From Time.com
Fireworks in Thailand. From Time.com

All these explosions annoy the hell out of a lot off people, but even if we don’t factor that in: Tthis whole fireworks thing comes at a tremendous cost for society. A lot of idiots end up at the ER, others try to blow up litterboxes or worse, no one cares about animal welfare and everyone leaves their mess behind. So why don’t we just ban the stuff and leave setting off explosives to professionals? Your city council could hire a company to set off fireworks at new year’s eve. That stuff looks a lot bettter than what you or your neighbour buys. And a lot less people get hurt.

I’m sure you can find a petition to sign somehwere on here. Good luck. And happy new year.


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