… the day we fought back

Switzerland is the country where nazi’s, dictators, terrorists and mass murderers have safely stored their money for many, many years. But if you need to get your, modest, funds to pay your lawyer who tries to defend you against being handed over to a country where politicians and presidential candidates openly threaten to kill you… you’re in trouble.

We, the people.
I am a firm believer of the fact that the people are in charge of the government. I am also a firm believer in the fact that a corporation is nothing more than a group of people working together working on shared goals. I am by no means an anarchist, societies need rules and laws. I am also not a communist, I believe that financial incentives and free markets are beneficial to our welfare and happiness. I am also wondering if matters may have gotten out of hand. But maybe that’s just me.

Welcome to Jurassic Park
The film Jurassic Park revolved around the philosophical phrase: “Nature will find a way”; man can create new life, perhaps, but man cannot control it. Perhaps corporations and governments are like those dinosaurs. We created them, but they have developed in unforseen ways and went beyond our control and instead of serving us, they now threaten us. The people no longer create the rules by which governments and corporations operate, it is the other way around. It seems as if ‘they’ decide what we may do, where we may go, what we may choose.

The Wikibay
So, if the big corporations urge governments to impose strict copyright laws and prosecute sites like The Pirate Bay, governments do so. And if governments ask for a favor in return and cut off resources for another site, like Wikileaks, companies like Amazon, Paypal and Visa do so. All this is, obviously, done for our own good. We need to give up our privacy, by having our personal information stored in ever-expanding databases to keep us safe. Companies want to know everything about you so they can better serve you. Insurance companies want to know all about your health so they can give you better advice on how to live your life. Governments want to store your fingerprints and listen in to your phone calls so they can make sure you’re not a terrorist. And if you protest, you must have something to hide and therefore you must be a potential terrorist, right?

The day we fought back
We’re supposed to be living in the free world. In democratic countries, where we can pity people living in Cuba, North Korea, Burma and China. But if there’s one thing that Pirate Bay and Wikileaks have made clear, than it’s that we need to fight to keep that freedom. The people have a right to know. Both Wikileaks and pirate Bay are being suppressed not to benefit the world population, not for your or my good. They’re suppressed to serve the interest of the very few people who have the corporate money and the political power right now. The ones who benefit from holding progress back, since the status quo is beneficial to them. They’re not necessarily bad people I guess, but we need to show them that times have changed. We need to fight back. This is our world.


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