Former presidential candidate calls to assasinate Rupert Murdoch

Mick Huckabee
Mick Huckabee

Former presidential candidate Mick Huckabee has declared he is seeking the death penalty for Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corporation, after Fox news (a News Corp’ company) has revealed some ‘just-below-top-secret’ documents from american embassies around the globe. These documents make clear that American embassy staff is just as adept at making profiles of world leader as the average bar-dweller from the eighties sitcom ‘Cheers’. Huckabee is holding Murdoch personally responsible for making these documents public and wishes to trial Murdoch for treason and hopes he will get the death penalty. Interpol has placed Murdoch on an international list of criminal and the CIA is trying to track Murdoch down, who has gone into hiding.

Anyone else think this is strange? We’re supposed to be democratic countries that have freedom of press, right? So why would the owner of a news network, or the editor of a newspaper for that matter, have to face criminal charges for making documents public that were not obtained by any illegal activity of the part of that network or paper? If there is so much in shame in the way ambassadors talk about foreign ministers… than don;t speak about them in that way, you fucking idiots. But that is beside the point. The point is, when a reporter can get his hands on that kind of information, it’s news. Big news. Pulitzer Prize winning news. He/she has every right to publish it. If the Times had obtained that stuff, they’d have published it on the front page. Politicians would have whined about, but no one would have dared to say that the editor-in-chief deserved the death penalty. The public would have been outraged.


Julian Paul Assange
Julian Paul Assange

Obviously, it’s not Murdoch who Huckabee’s been threatening. It’s not Rupert who” should be hunted down like Osama Bin Laden” according to the ever-intelligent Sarah Palin. The former advisor to the Canadian prime-minister Stephen Harper did not say that the owner of Newscorp should be murdered. all this was said of Julian Paul Assange, founder and owner of the website Wikileaks. And doesn’t anyone think that’s strange? Doesn’t anyone say to these people that they are completely insane for saying these hideous things? Assange did his job as a news publisher. Just because Wikileaks is a website instead of a paper does not mean that he has to work by different rules and/or standards. He gave an insight into the real international diplomacy for the public. Now we can all see how these people -who we employ, I might add- talk about each other, how they make deals with each other. How they make decisions about life and death of thousands, if not millions. We should all say, “Thank you, mr Assange” and “Fuck you, mr. Huckabee. Fuck you mrs. Palin.“. It’s not too late for a bit of outrage of the people. We may argue whether the actions of Wikileaks are beneficial to international diplomacy, but no one should be allowed to argue that what Wikileaks did was somehow ‘wrong’. Wikileaks showed us that there is a lot wrong with international politics. The politicians themselves are now underlining that point.


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