Just a thought

A lot of knowledge we posses is rather superficial. We think we ‘know’ something, but really in our everyday lives, we tend to forget all about them. Or we pretend to forget about them because they’re just not convenient.  Or we just don’t understand what it is we know exactly. One of those things off which we claim to know is ‘everything is relative’. This is phrase is often misused by the same idiots who think “Well, that may be your truth, I have my own truth” is a valid point in a discussion.

But everything actually is relative. Two examples of relativity that are most likely of very little practical use in your everyday life (but rather fun to say out loud on birthday parties).

The moon is black
Ask someone about the color of the moon and they’ll probably say ‘white’. It’s a nice what shiny object in the dark night sky. But that’s actually not true. The moon is darker than the darkest coal you’ll find on earth. The reason it looks white to us is because it is only object that reflects any light at all (as my science teacher alway said: the blackest thing possible is a hole.) . The first time rocks from the moon were brought back to earth people were amazed by how black they actually were. You can compare it to your tv screen when it is switched off (yes, it’s actually possible to turn it off). It’s grey. But when you’re watching a film, you can clearly see black. Is your tv screen extracting light from the grey? Obviously not. It’s perception.

A bullet is not fast
Ask the same aforementioned person whether or not a bullet is fast and they’ll probably say ‘yes it is’. But in fact, it isn’t really.  Not if you compare it with the speed at which we all travel through the three known dimensions of space ourselves. And what better basis for comparison is there? Our earth spins around its axis at roughly 1000 mph and we’re orbiting the sun at 66.000 mph. This means we’re all shooting through space at a speed of 18,5 miles per second. No bullet can catch up with that.

I did mention that these examples wouldn’t have any practical use in everyday life didn’t I? Well, it’s still good pondering material when you’re waiting for the bus.


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