Why you should Torrent Bumba.

Who you say? For those of you who are blissfully unfamiliar of the phenomenon which is Bumba; the dude’s a clown. He lives/works in a circus with his friend Bumbalu and a couple of animals with names like Pantoef and Toembi. My one year old son loves it. Actually, if I’m really honest, I must admit I quite like Bumba myself. but as for his employer, Studio 1oo, ehmmm not so much.

I bought a DVD with ten Bumba episodes… yeah! No more crappy pixellated Youtube clips, but real good quality sound and picture from the comfort of… the floor. Still no problem here. The problem arises every time when I turn on the DVD and the Bumba DVD isn’t on auto-resume. Which happens every time when you’ve played anything since you last played the Bumba DVD, which is also just about every time. You cannot skip it or bypass it, you HAVE to watch it. Every single time we have to sit through 2 and a half minute of child manipulative advertising, which sole aim is to make a parents’ live miserable. Furthermore, I want my child protected from advertising as much as I can for as long as I can. I paid money for that DVD, i think that should give me opportunity to watch the stuff without you trying to manipulate my child into nagging me to give you even more cash. There is only one option left open. I will have to download advertising free high quality Bumba episodes form the net. I advise other parents to do the same. Apparently that’s the way Studio 100 wishes to play this game.

By the way, did you know that illegally downloading music, video or software is no more illegal than borrowing it from your neighbours? and haven;t we all borrowed or lended a cd to someone without feeling we were doing anything wrong? Trust me, Copyrights are not your friend. Great stuff will be made without it, we do not need it, lives can be saved if we are no longer enslaved by it. Pirates ahoy!

Remember the 5th of november.


2 reacties op ‘Why you should Torrent Bumba.

  1. Remember having this very same conversation ‘bout 3 years ago?
    All toddlers love Bumba. And as you say, it’s quite creative, sweet and positive for them. Not even annoying for parents.
    But that damn Studio 100… Hell, we made an exeption for Bumba. But promised ourselves to never ever buy a bumba toy, plate, hat, pencil or whatever Studio 100 has little Chinese kids made for there company. And so we never did.

    Now for the download part: I agree. Another option; a youtube once in a while. Cauze, we didn’t want Pip to see so many after one another anyway. Third option: just watch it on tv every morning. Together with Ome Willem and Koekeloeren. You’ll like it! And just quit when Piet Piraat and K3 starts airing…

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