Why your powerpoint sucks

No matter how much I would like to do my presentations in Flash, my employer feels very strongly about me using Powerpoint. And since I think of myself as someone who chooses his battles wisely… I comply. Aye sir.

Yay Powerpoint!
There is actually not much wrong with Powerpoint anyway. Come to think of it, it’s great. Who needs Flash? Hurrah. It is filled tot the rim with options for images, photos, charts, animations… My presentations are a delight to watch. But enough about me. Let’s talk about you. And why does your Powerpoint presentation suck to the point where I’d like to hit myself over the head with a bat?

‘It’ is not the problem. You are.
As some wise old Asian guy (or was it Yoda? I forget) once said, “a weapon is only as powerful as the hands of the warrior that holds it“. The reason your Powerpoint sucks is not Powerpoint, it’s you. Your Powerpoint looks like this:

That looks great, why do you insult me?

Well, a Powerpoint is your tool to help you give a good presentation. It is not a script. So the example above is bad from a show business perspective. But also forma business perspective. It’s just words. And even the most capable and interested audience will not be able to digest a 10 minute Powerpoint with those kinds of slides. Use visuals.

Visuals? This is not kindergarten buddy.
At no point in your life do you learn so much so fast as when you are a baby. Ever notice how little of this learning is done by processing textual information. We are hardwired to learn by watching images. We’re just simply better at it. About 75% of all sensory processing done by your brain is visual. That leaves only 25% for feeling, tasting, smelling and… listening. So please stop talking to me and reading your crappy Powerpoint aloud and show me some images.

And there is no need to use Flash. What are you, a trendwatcher? Yuck!


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