Ninjas don’t talk – Beats and pieces

To make a potentially long story short, I like musicians and instruments and I do not have any particular fondness of DJ’s. There is an exception to this rule of thumb though. And it’s not just one artist, but an entire label. The UK label Ninja Tune. Since it was founded over 20 years ago by Matt Black and Jon More (aka Coldcut) this label seems to have signed only superb artists from dance to lounge to jazz to blues. Ninja’s may not talk but they produce some mean tunes. And the artwork is almost without exception amazing.

you can’t miss the ninja
And without being aware of it, you’re probably familiar with Ninja Tunes as well. It’s almost impossible to get through an evening of television without hearing some tunes by Bonobo or Funky Porcini in the background, when watching some exotic location or food or whatever. Commercials with Jagga Jazzist music, television networks showing bumpers and trailers underlined with tracks by The Herbaliser or Fink, while acts like Mr. Scruff and Roots Manuva have a large following among other than music connoisseurs as well.

20 years of beats and pieces
To celebrate their anniversary, and probably make a buck in the process, Ninja Tunes ahs released one of the most desirable box-sets in entertainment history. Universe wide. Designed by Ket Lai (dare I say ‘wow’?) the Box Ninja Tune XX contains six CDs, six 7-inches, two posters, and a hardcover edition of the retrospective book Ninja Tune: 20 Years Of Beats & Pieces.

New and/or unreleased tracks  by artists like DJ Food, Blockhead and Cinematic Orchestra. Remixes by Modeselektor, Gold Panda and Joe Goddard among many others. If this means nothing to you, it’s about time to right this wrong. If it does mean anything to you, you’ll probably respond like I did: foam at the mouth while uttering “want, want…”
(btw, the box is sold out in the UK shop, but still available at $160 in the US)

Until UPS delivers your package, listen to a compilation on


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