Professional deodorant anyone?

A fireman appears on my television screen. He looks strong, fit and impressive. A professional hero, out to save lives of the innocent. Women and children first. But, according to the voice over, this icon of metrosexuality, muscular and sensitive, is insecure. Not about his manhood or his performance, but about his smell. Would we want this man worrying about BO when he’s running into a burning building? Heck no, focus on the inferno please. Fortunately, there is a deodorant that makes him feel secure sweatwise. It is a professional deodorant. Wow Gillette, you’re making this world a better place.

Good photo, idiotic endorsement.
Good photo, idiotic endorsement.

Smelly surgeon

A second lifesaver appears on screen. A doctor appears. Hang on, you’re not trying to tell me that even this surgeon is insecure about his armpits are you? While he is performing open heart surgery and seducing that cute young nurse at the same time, could he be wondering if he is spreading the smell of chicken and leek soup through the room? Wouldn’t want that. Thank god for Gillette’s professional deodorant! By making the doctor feel secure about his odour, it’s helping save lives! Thank you Gillette, I’ll run to the store and buy your insanetested-on-cute-little-fluffy-bunniesproduct right now.

Tiger, we get.
Gillette is no stranger to stupid endorsements, where is the relevance between shaving and Roger Federer, but this campaign is almost insulting. Professional deodorant? Piss off. And I didn’t even go into the idiotic pseudo-scientific claim about the re-generating working of the stuff. I wonder if the creatives that thought up this one are proud of their work…


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