A chainless bicycle… that works…

I don’t really have a problem with the chain on any of my bikes. Basically, they get the job done, as far as transferring sheer muscle power to the axis of my rear wheel which then proceeds to burn rubber on the street. But when I read an article about a chainless bike that actually works on Gizmodo… I had to take a look. And with my limited technical knowledge I can only conclude; that looks a idead that you might get used to. The pedalling might feel a bit different though.

But why?
Even though, in all honousty, the fact that you can get used to something is entirely unrelated to any actual desire to do so. As I said, I am happy with all chains on all bikes. But there might a market for it somewhere. Perhaps it’s even a more efficient way of  propelling your bicycle making it a good innovation for racing. And ofcourse, you’ll get less mud stuck in a stringbike than in a conventional MTB with a chain. All I can say is the inventors, Gábor Rácz, Róbert Kohleb and Olivér Vonhauser, came up with something insteresting. Read more about the chainless bike on hungarianambiance.com or check out the animation below.


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