Murakami. I digg.

I am a great admirer of the name Murakami when it comes to the arts. Be it Haruki, being one of my favourite authors, or be it Takashi, being one of my favourite visual artists. Both have been grabbing a lot of media-attention lately. Haruki by publishing a new novel 1Q84 (One Q Eighty-Four or ‘ ichi-kew-hachi-yon‘ if you’re being pretentious) which received both extremely positive as well as quite disappointed reviews.  Takashi has made headlines with his pop-art exposition in Versailles. He’s been getting, let’s say, mixed reviews as well.

Using semen as a lasso
Takashi made a name for himself in the international art-world by translating Japanese manga cartoonstyle into sculptures. Wellknown, and controversial, works include “My Lonesome Cowboy” which is a work of a man using semen as a lasso and “Hiropon”a work that resembles the cowboy work, but it depicts a young women using breast milk as a jump rope. Safe to say: it’s not the kind of work you’d expect in a renaissance chateau. but isn’t that what art is all about? Surprising your audience?

Families with children
Over 7000 petitioners don’t think so. The group that calls itsself ‘Coordination Défense de Versailles’ feels Murakami’s work is too controversial for Versailles and what to keep it out. Even though Takashi did not include his more sexual work, since as he put it in an interview with a dutch newspaper: “There are families with children there who are not expecting that kind of art when they visit Versailles.”. The petitioners call the expostion of the Japanes artists’ work ‘illegal’. One might argue, and I do, that 7000 protesters are not a lot. Takashi’s work is good enough for at least ten times that much. Murakami, I digg.


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