The beauty of Toxic Waste – Art by Sven Drühl

For a couple of months I had some images of artwork, paintings and neonworks, by Sven Drühl saved as a draft. The idea was to write an intelligent post about why I think those works are so amazingly beautiful. So here’s my attempt to do just that, as short as I can and let the images speak.

Falkenrot Prize
I first learned of Drühl’s work when he won the The Falkenrot Prize for painting in 2007 (which, in all honousty, was also the first time I ever heard of the Falkenrot Prize). Along with the press release by the gallery that showed a selection of Drühl’s work, KunstlerhausBethanien in Berlin, were some images of his work. To me, these were very reminiscent of one of my greatest living heroes, Polish painter Wilhelm Sasnal (and definitely Eberhard Havekost as well). I mean this as a very big compliment, hopefully Drühl would agree on this.

The added images (which I used on here as well)  provide an emotionally very distant view on it’s subject. They are stylized images in bright colours that seem cheerful enough but suck you in. And when your eyes focus on what it actually is that’s depicted, there’s a crack between your ratio and your emotion. You still want to love what you see, but you feel uncomfortable doing it. Using the word ‘toxic’ in these paintings may seem a bit crude and unnecessary, but for me they work.  They’re not the reason for feeling uneasy, but they do underline it.

Enough words I’d say. Let’s look at the works, agree with me that they are wonderful. Then be off to google Sven, Wilhelm and Eberhard for much, much more. Enjoy.

Sven Drühl

Sven Drühl, S.D.E.R.

Wilhelm Sasnal

Wilhelm Sasnal - Gym Lesson

Eberhard Havekost

Eberhard Havekost - Mobile 1

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