Making a profit from charity. Copyright, still, mainly sucks

Doesn’t anyone listen to me anymore? As a civilization we have come so far since I posted my How much does copyright suck article, yet ‘copyrights’ still exist. How can that be? Surely everyone must have seen the reason and the logic to my writing? It cannot be just another case of ‘making money’ can it? Have we not all seen what this ‘making money’ craze leads to? Have we never heard of Enron or Lehman Brothers?

Copyrights for dummies
Copyrights are meant to provide financial protection to people who made or thought up something first. Everyone who makes or thinks up anything that resembles that alpha product of thought owes the person who was first money. Then of course, there are companies that don’t do any of the hard labour in making or thinking, but merely buy up copyrights. These companies don’t do anything worthwhile for society, but they live off the work by others. A bit like leeches or perhaps currency traders (Depending on your personal point of view). Even though it is possible to make a case for copyrights, this is not the pace to do so. Go to the aforementioned posting and call me names there should you so desire.

Bourne hates charity
Some of the people who live off other people’s creativity are employed by Bourne Music Publishers. Like archetypical Scrooges these wonderful professionals have sued an eleven year old actress, Bethany Hare (from the British soap-opera Emmerdale). For charity, this young lady invested her hard-earned money, time and creativity in making a short film for the JustGiving website, to raise money for a children’s hospice in West-Yorkshire, England. In this film, she does a Charley Chaplin impersonation and sings the song ‘smile’. The cold Bourne people who don’t (or shouldn’t) have children thought it would be a wise move to demand $2000 for this, plus $250 for every time Bethany would perform this song. The logic behind this seems to be: “Hey, we at bourne all live miserable, depressive lives and if someone out there is trying to make things better for others, we want to make a buck out of this as well.” But this has yet to be confirmed.

Creativity hates Bourne
On their website Bourne claims to have never lost its passion for songwriting and its deep respect for the creative process involved. I’d say those execs have lost every form of passion conceivable. The creative world can do without ridiculous copyrights legislation and the entire world would be a better place without companies willing to take money from charitable projects.

Used sources: MSNBC website, Sky & (readers of Techdirt have started a petition to send complaints to to complain about this course of action). Everyone: please don’t sue me.


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