O2 idiots… or am I?

Walking through a busy city centre this afternoon we got stopped by two hip youngsters offering my son a balloon of the ‘brand-building-promotional’ kind. What was idiotic about this (other than one of the hipsters-trousers) was that the balloon the presented carried the brand name ‘O2‘. Brand names will come and go, so it is safe to say that first and foremost ‘o2’ means ‘dioxygen‘. And if your brand name means (di)oxygen -which didn’t just happen by mistake, very smart, well-paid advertising people pondered about this for a very, very long time- than why on earth would you hand out promotional plastic, filled with helium?

Perhaps the O2 people just thought no one would care. The young streetmarketers certainly didn’t. But these things matter. To me, it just proves O2 people don’t care about details. And in a market where your product is 100% the same as all your competitors… details may be all you’ve got.

By the way; my son’s just one year old. So, no, we did not accept the idiotic balloon.


2 reacties op ‘O2 idiots… or am I?

  1. I would not comment on branding if I were you – O2 is a huge brand and incrediby successful – the fact that no-one realises what its technical name is , is an irrelevance – whatever the brand stands for in the of its custoers and prospects is what counts. is. So…. the fact that FORD is ‘shallow place in a body of water, such as a river, where one can cross by walking or riding on an animal or in a vehicle’ has not stopped that company selling cars, neither has ‘DODGE’ avoided sales…

    1. Thank you for commenting Bill, and for the concern. As you undoubtedly know, there is a difference between a brandname that also happens to mean something else, as in your example, and a brandname that was deliberately chosen once… but someone forgot to communicate what it actually stands for. Furthermore, we both know ‘success’ is both very relative as it is very random.

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