Memories of… ‘Garth’!?

Life can be tough if you’re carrying around a big dark secret. You keep looking over your shoulder to see whether someone is following you. It’s tiring. Take my case. I take big pride in my exquisite taste in pop-music. I was a fan of Snow Patrol before they tried to be Coldplay (and I was never a fan of Coldplay). I own -and listen to- Captain Beefheart albums. I prefer the Beach Boys over the Beatles. Oh yes,I take my music seriously. And my friends, neighbours and family respect me for it. The fact that I also own -and listen to- several Elton John albums may be considered as a blemish on my otherwise impeccable audiological profile, I feel it makes my tasty a bit quirky. And ever since the Gilmore Girls, quirky is good.

It’s boots and chaffs it’s cowboy hats…
However, being a North European music-connoisseur there is one area of music that is considered off-limits. Even in an ironical (or quirky) way. And that genre, I do apologise to my readers from the Southern US states, is Country & Western music. I guess it has something to do with the clothing and accessories which we do no quite understand over here, the line dancing (most Europeans are very much ashamed about River Dance as well…) and Dolly Parton. Why the long introduction? Well, today’s the day I’m openly coming out as a longtime Garth Brooks fan. (the vague ‘thud’ you here in the background is my popmusic credibility plummeting to the floor)

I’d ‘ve had to miss the dance…
Another thing I could be ashamed about is watching the Golden Girls spinoff ‘Empty Nest’ as a teenager, but that’s an entirely different therapy post, so I’ll just skip that one. But it was while watching that sitcom when I saw a guest appearance by the -to me- completely unknown country singer Garth Brooks. I was so very much impressed that first thing next morning I ran into a record store and bought Ropin’ the Wind. An album I knew by heart before the end of the week. The music, the lyrics and the performer, it was nothing short of perfection. Even though none (literally: none) of my classmates and friends understood it. Then again, it was quite a big leap from MC Hammer (Indeed, I take my confessions seriously as well) to this.

The thunder rolls

Perhaps the best show I’ve ever been to was when Garth came to play in Ahoy in Rotterdam. We had absolutely crap seats near the top of the arena but for some reason two other people had the exact same seat numbers on their tickets as we had… which meant we got to sit in better seats… about seventh row, in front of the stage…. Jut about a perfect night which I can remember second by second from the moment I left the house untill the moment I fell asleep. To use some big words here; to me Garth’s music defines a very memorable time in my life. I guess his songs will be with me I die (and let it be known that I would like to have ‘The River’ played at my funeral). Brian Wilson, Thom Yorke and Garth Brooks… that would be a great album wouldn’t it?

Official vid of The thunder rolls

Someone put this one together, but it’s one of my favourite songs (Every now and then) so…

Both Youtube and Spotify have disappoionted me greatly when it comes to Garth. You get about 1000 results, 997 of which is unbelieveable crap consisting of amateur karaoke and desperate wannabees… my oh my.


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