Nerdy dudes like art too – Art by RoganJosh

And by ‘art’ I do not mean ‘the art of being able to calculate the time it would take for five ounces of Kryptonite to degrade on the planet Betelgeuse’. No sir. In this post I place the label ‘art’ on the stunningly beautiful, yet slightly minimalistic superhero imagery, created by artist RoganJosh (whose secret identity is Josh Siegel)

I’ve read comic books for years and I can spot someone who is actually in the know about superheroes between a group of fakers almost instantly. RoganJosh is in the know. What other artist would ‘waste’ valuable time on making a piece on  Giantman and the Wasp* or Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch*?  But that’s just one clue. There is another dead give-away. It’s the way the superheroes are portrayed. In relevant settings of course, but also in ways that are actually meaningful (why is there a frog in the Thor poster?). It reveals an interest, perhaps even love, for the personalities of the superheroes as well. Fans of comic books will know what I mean when I say that the stories are not about the superpowers at all. The powers are part of the scenery. The actual stories are about emotions, relationships and values. Honesty and betrayal, friends and foes. Modern day Greek Tragedy in -mostly-  NYC (aka Gotham, Metropolis et cetera). And that’s exactly what you feel, looking at RoganJosh’s modHero (modern Hero) works.

The works look may like the are cut out of colored paper, but are actually drawn with Photoshop/Illustrator. Normally I wouldn’t care to much for that technique, but in this case it works well. It seems to create more distance between the works and the original comic books, and the end result is that it looks great. Even if you don’t get the little inside jokes here and there. If you’re one of the art-loving nerds, but you miss you favorite superhero in RoganJosh’s collection… he’s open to suggestions.

*If, at this point you asked “who” that means you’re a sane person. Same applies when you happened to know who they are, but don’t give a hoot.


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