Lady Blue Shanghai – very Lynch.

I’m a big fan of Mr Lynch’s work, however I have absolutely no interest in Dior. But all that is entirely beside the point. The point is, that the latest work by David Lynch, Lady Blue Shanghai, is a 16 minute film starring Marion Cotillard, produced by the fashion company.

Don’t let any of those sour amateur critics tell you otherwise: it’s a real Lynch film. (saying how his old work is better and that this is ‘student art school stuff’ seems more fashionable than the bag and dress) The film is based upon a poem Lynch wrote about Shanghai. Dior’s marketing department understand how you build your brand online so there’s not much Dior visible in the film other than the dress Cotillard is wearing and that what we may call ‘the Rosebud‘ of this film, a mystical handbag.

Luckily there’s a lot of David Lynch. Not much about the plot is explained, but the whole film is strangely intriguing. Why is that woman so frightened? What’s the story about that flower? Who is that man? The Acting, Filming, editing and lighting, it all breathes Lynch. And I won’t even mention the beautiful musical score. So I guess we may all thank Dior for this.

“Someone was in here, whoever it was left that bag…”

Some behind the scenes footage:


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