Bye bye floppy

‘Floppy’. The name is vaguely reminiscent of highly intelligent pets like Lassie, Skippy or Flipper. And just like those tv-stars of yor… the floppy era has ended. It’s years of media-dominance may even have lasted about the same time as that of the tv-animal-friend.

Even thought the floppy disk has been a media storage relic in the Western hemisphere for a long time already, in 2009 12 million floppies were sold in Japan. Which means there’s still a buck to be made, which means someone is willing to make that buck. But not for long. Sony has announced they kill their production line as of March 2011. Poor Floppy, you have been a loyal friend. You guided me from the Commodore 64 computer (not 3.5 inch though), through to copies of Leisure Suit Larry, the arj compression format, my first computer virus and stored my first marketing report for an actual client.

Perhaps, as with the Polaroid photo, some smaller company will jump in and save the floppy from oblivion. Using the nostalgia argument. And maybe, just maybe, that argument will work. But not with me. Nostalgia may be great, but I will not store my data on it.


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