Church earns streetcred

With the number of child abuse stories that find their way to the press increasing every day, the Catholic church has been getting some pretty bad press lately. I guess we can all agree that it’s not the exclusive domain of catholic caretakers to abuse young children placed in their care, but the way the catholic head honchos tried to cover the whole thing up for decades makes you feel rather sick in the stomach.

Let’s not forget there are also millions of well meaning catholics out there. And for them, it may be nice to know that recently some serious street cred was earned by he Episcopal Church of St. John, the Evangelist in San Francisco. This church was sick of the tags that kept showing up on their walls so they askes some more talented streetartists to make a mural on it. In the following clip, you’ll see how the work by Mark Bode, Dan Plasma and Mike Giant is blessed.


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