Action painting 2.0 – art by Alexa Meade

Think that for the hottest, latest and bestest in the international artworld you have to read Art Forum, ArtReview or Frieze? Think again. The go-to place for catching up on your artistic knowledge is Juxtapoz. Years ago they were the ones that made me familiar with the likes of Fairey and Choe. But they’ve got more tricks up their editorial sleeve than street artists wich cans. Alexa Meade puts action painting to shame with a cool concept that she skillfully executes as well.

Landscapes and fruitbowls
In my humble view, painting is not supposed to be a copy of what the eye sees. You can just take a picture of that nice landscape or fruitbowl. I like to see the brushstrokes, the different layers of paint, the (un)intentional dripping. So if I hear about an artist that paints really, really, really lifelike… I’m not that exited. Exception made for Alexa Meade. Her paintings aren’t lifelike. They’re alive. And Alexa isn’t a painter, she’s an installation artist.

Seeing is believing
Alexa doesn’t create flat (2D) images of 3D objects and people, but she applies paint to the objects themselves making them appear to be part of a canvas. I agree that this doesn’t sound too exiting (but look at the photos, gheez!). And it wouldn’t be if Alexa’s style was to paint lifelike images. But she uses her brush with true love for painting itself; complete with the visible brushstrokes and a use of colour which also reminds me of Lucian Freud’s work.

Alexa’s paintings don’t come alive, they are alive. Freakishly cool works. If, like me, you want to see more (and more, and more) also check out her Flickr page.


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