Awfully sorry about the extreme wealth and happiness

Watching tv.
Just waiting for it to end.

Brands, plays, hits, colours, shares, stuff, views, txt, friends, information, leisure, work, things, freedom, nature, rules, success, luck, love, bits, stock, credits, rights, visitors, pixels, health, views, users, posts, contacts, mileage, snacks, democracy, reliability, shares, gadgets, connections, seduction, semen, drinks, image, romance, % off, trips, distance, safety, time, calories, liberty, choice, advertising, targets, deadlines, disappointment, signs, plastic, answers, history humming, questions, water, insecurity, birds, cheese, pollution, days, tubes, ambition, labels, science, stress, ambition, planets, knowledge, theories, doubts, designers, art, flights, stations, rules, chores, beauty, school, updates, tanks, flowers, air, silence, lifts, lines, FAQs, clocks, power ups, strength, saturation, campaigns, help, travel, news, headlines, fun, botox, articles, diggs, vinyl, cars, vendors, thumbs up, thumbs down, amazement, pics, lumen, tracks, joy, destinations, XXX, waves, tweets, tunes, brochures, blogs, calculations, spillage, excuses, matches, mssgs, vectors, appliances, followers, stains, leeches, concrete, equality, puddles, banners, generation, coffee, masturbation, history, leather, gaming, popularity, losses, users, cubic meters, wheat, litter, juice, elderly, strings, meaning, zebras, net worth, homes, beach, apps, celebrities, uptime, casualties, compliments, laundry, bagels, smoke, scandal, agent orange, glitter, emotions, opinions, eyes, conditioner, oil, boundaries, poetry, sci-fi, income, metal, add-ons, culture, graphics, mountains, mindfulness,


sadness, hugs, hair, pavement, auctions, socialism, bailouts, short stories, loathing, shopping, offices, biology, vitamins, ethics, voters, RAM, of the same, claims, downloads, moments, jewels, box offices, life after death, life before death, discussion, doubt, gum, neighbours, watts, discoveries, digitization, tax, elevators, pages, chickens, services, payrolls, records, ideas, beggars, dynamics, hope, collectables, piercings, schnitzels, kills, me, highs, bonuses, justice, people, glass, noise, buzz, efficiency, meat, medicine, paparazzi, ratio, sermons, speed, wisdom, boulevards, trees, ebooks, animals, new age, mining, ETA, export, directions, misery, rest, rubber, decay, buildings, wood, individuality, pools, illness, diet coke, bags, floors, tankers, obesity, psychiatrists, treatment, fights, laughter, ecology, trends, heat, drugs, networks, fps, seeds, beams, jobs, shadows, traffic, exaggeration, malls, flash, meditation, exotics, calls (missed~), trade, sighs, graffiti, care, cut’ n paste, ice, copy ’n paste, items sold, festivals, thrills, drums, gifts, for less, children, work, things, desks, paper, plaster, laces, eyes, errors, compression, wine, drives, watches, locks, anxiety, pills, overtime, gears, seats, talk, needing, neon, gossip, gravity, China, pills, editing, leisure, drafts, endemics, chords, buttons, turbo, trash, framework, mainstreaming, adding.

Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day.


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