Perpetuum postile – The neverending post

“The latest timesuck we didn’t need ” is how a Wired reader described Google Buzz, which -to me- seems to be partly true. Whether or not it’s a timesuck is probably up to yourself, but we sure did not need it. Most popular things on the internet are not needed. We just somehow believe that we want it. But believing that I want Google Buzz is proving rather difficult. There are so many ‘ultimate’ places on the internet already where you can converge all your online activity. They don’t actually build anything new except for a one-stop-shop but Tweetdeck and co. manage to attract quite an audience.

Not that you actually need it. All your social networks are already automatically linked. Every picture you upload into Flickr is automatically published on your blog, every blog is automatically promoted through Twitter, all your Tweets appear on your Linkedin profile where your readers will also be able to view the Youtube clips that were also automatically imported into your Facebook account which also contains your latest MySpace information and the stats of what you ‘Digg’, which -by  the way- is also on your BeBo next to your automatically generated playlists (hey, are those your Flickr pictures right there?)  et cetera. And now we have Google Buzz. It won’t be sucking too much extra time. Just add it to the loop you’ve already built.

How long will it be before someone -by accident, not by programming- creates the Perpetuum Postile, a neverending post? This would happen when you publish a post or update somewhere that goes through so many different social networking sites automatically that when it returns to it’s ‘sit of origin’ it will be seen as an original post and goes through the same loop again and again and again…. When in a couple of hundred thousand years time we will all have died and human race no longer exists there will still be a loop going round and round saying a guy named Doug is ‘Having a cold one with some colleagues down @SportsBar’.


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