Are you a Shopper?

Hello and welcome shopper!
The holidays are over, hurrah, the newyears Sale has begun!

We all buy (into) stuff now and then. For most it’s mainy functional, which appears the most healthy way to look at it. Not that it can’t be enjoyable, many functional things are. There is however a -growing-  group of people that would include the word ‘shopping‘ when requested for a list of hobbies. That’s worrying.

But being a shopper is about more than merely than not having a better clue about what to do with your life than consume. Being a shopper is about the desire to obtain. To gain posession, information, power. At an ever increasing speed. That’s what the online game Shopper is about. Find out a bit more about yourself. Are you a Shopper? Play, free, quick ‘ easy at

Image Capture from the Artgame Shoppers TM
Are you a Shopper? find out at


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