Safer sex for a cooler planet

aninconvenienttruth… As a sort of Blog Action Day bonus: The London School of Economics has calculated that the most cost-efficient way to counter the greenhouse effect and stop global warming is to start practicing safe sex. (or as the Vatican would like you to do: stop having sex at all. Except with choirboys obviously.)

According to their calculations, for every 4 GBP ( about $7 US ) spent on safe sex (or as they call it: family planning) in the next 40 years there will be a reduction of CO2 emission of one tonne. To reach the same effect by using technological methods would cost up to four times that amount.

This plan would be in accordance with recent UN findings that about 40 percent of all pregnancies worldwide are unwanted and a reduction of these (by means of condoms or birth control pills) with 75% would mean that the world population would grow with half a billion people less.

Less people and  less global warming basically means: more fun. As they say in parts of Africa: be wise, condomize.


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