Blog Action Day: Do less for the climate

bad-300-250Today (oct 15, 2009) it’s Blog Action Day. X-mas time for bloggers when we all get together (virtually, obviously) and have a sort of private celebration and spread love, warmth and kindness. And just like when we get together with our families for the holiday season, there are specific rules and themes; this years BAD theme (anyone laughing out there?) is: Climate change. Or, as Obama would put it, Change we do not need.

We all know it…
Don’t get me wrong, I think BAD is very good idea. It’s a great way to put some items on the agenda and get some original ideas out there in the open. But what could someone possibly write about Climate Change that hasn’t been said a thousand times already? What Climate Change critic hasn’t already been sufficiently ridiculed and dragged through the polluted mud? Who, after Al Gore’s world tour and the glorious rise of the Cradle2Cradle concept still does not know what he or she can do to reduce pollution?

Do not focus on reducing CO2
TelegraphOh, perhaps there’s one thing. Perhaps it should not be about how we can continue on getting richer and buying more products without further damaging our environment. Perhaps the debate should not focus on optimizing production with reduced carbon dioxide emission. And, perhaps, the best idea is not on how we can make more products from more waste.

Do less
For as long as we know, we have been working harder and smarter to become rich enough to be able to provide everybody -who so wishes- with a comfortable and happy lifestyle. Well, Westerners, congratulations! We are there! It’s time to stop. Stop working more, stop working harder, stop producing more efficiently and effectively so we can speed up production. We have enough junk, we have too much stress and we have too little time. Start working less, start planning less and have more attention for yourself and loved ones. Buy less products and things which you could then appreciate more. Travel less miles so you can spend more time actually enjoying that holiday. Put less into quantity so you can put  more into quality. We need less advertising, news and choices and we need more actual quality of life. It’s no longer a matter of ‘we can have it all’, we’ve already got it but just don’t see it. If we can realise that, we’ve the climate and ourselves that biggest favor ever.

And if Blog Action Day helped a little at reaching that goal… that’s not bad at all.


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