When I started my working week, right after I went to get that first cup of dreadful machine-made coffee I did what most desk dwellers do: I cranked up the pc. Quickly (… hm… a little ‘too’ quickly?) I noticed that I did not receive any e-mail on Monday. I am not one of the most popular people in the world, but NO e-mail on a Monday, that’s strange. I also saw that Firefox had mysteriously vanished. And not just the fox… All little pieces of flair (credit: ‘Office Space’) that I had installed to make the working day a bit more bearable were gone. [Optional. Insert an: ‘AAAaaaarrggghhhh’ here]

A quick call to the help desk: What had I done to bring down the wrath of the über-software forces upon me? As it turned out: nothing. Had I not yet noticed the newer, sleeker design of the pc underneath my desk? (I hadn’t)The quickness of the startup process? (Come to think of it… I had) The audible crispness of a newer surround sound system that greeted me as a welcome? (Guess I was just swallowing my coffee right then.) Ergo: my hard work was finally appreciated and I was awarded with a new pc.

LastfmI felt honoured, however, was it not possible to let me know in advance so I could have saved all my beloved personal bits of shareware, my prized collection of bookmarks, my library of legally downloaded music and video?
An external hard drive was presented to me. “Please take what you must and leave what you can.” Oh joy.

Then something amazing happened. My last.fm plugin was eagerly awaiting its re-installment. It looked damn cocky as it was completely certain it would be retake it’s position on my desktop and in the workbar. I hesitated. Some weeks ago I had gotten quite hooked on it’s radio, right up until the moment where it became a feature that you had to pay for. Now all it did was suck up speed and keep track of the music I listened to and display that information on a profile page. Was that interesting enough? I decided it wasn’t. Getting someone hooked on a really great application and charging them for it is extremely unfriendly and VERY 20th century. From last.fm, I had expected more.

The Last.fm plugin remains on my computer at home. however, it’s arrogance appears to be gone. As if its desperately trying not to make that one false move. One glitch, and that thing is out of the window forever.

Interested in my musical taste? Why wouldn’t you be. Check it here: http://www.last.fm/user/Fisserman


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