Why you are here pt. II – Raw data for statistics fetishists

I have a thing for making lists of useless things and then turning it into lists, charts and graphics. This is no cause for worry if you intend to be ironical about it and produce graphics that are both contemporary and hilarious. But statisticsI take things very seriously. Since autism runs in my family there was some concern about this, but after I took the aqtest and scored easily below average (while being truthful) there is no more reason to hide. I surfed to my Blog Stats, and migrated all data into a spreadsheet and did some serious mathematical analysis. So now I now why you are actually on this blog in the first place. I have also managed to find out that the chance that you will find this information interesting is somewhere below 0.1%…

01. First of all, it will undoubtedly be of interest of you that the infamous 80-20 rule does not apply to my blog, as far as I can tell; 20% of my postings do not account for 80% of visits.  Next.
Number one reason you are here is because you were actually looking for information Shepard Fairey. Please relax, you are on the right blog (there are several postings on his works), just on the wrong page. A whopping 27% of you ended up on any page in this blog after a Shepard Fairey related query, but pages in which Shepards’ work is mentioned only account for 24% of all visitors… which leaves a gap of 3%.
Speaking of whopping. Chances are 2 to 1 that you are interested in a Big MAc, rather than a Whopper, if you are on my blog. Don’t know why.
One out of every five visitors of my blog is actually a pervert. Data backs me up here. I am not judging though.
There’s about a 50% chance that you are interested in one particular artists, and about 20% chance that you are here for getting wider artistic information.
06. If you’d be asked to name a scientist right now, statistics say there’s a 4% chance that it will be B.F. Skinner.
07. Even though there’s over 90% chance that you wound up here through a search engine, it’s barely over 1% likely that you are interested in reading about them. however, if you are, there’s about 70% chance that are able to read Dutch.
08. Statistically it is highly unlikely that you care about who wrote this… about one out of every thousand visitors look it up.
09. Talking about unlikeliness: The existence of a God is very unlikely. There’s a more than 5% chance that you would like to read what is written (in this blog) about that.
10. Musical preference? If asked the question Korn or Snow Patrol? Bookmakers would pay out 3 to 1 for Snow Patrol.

Chances that you made it all the way down here? Unknown, but dim.


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